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About us

Arrowhead Business and Investment Decisions

is a New York based financial services firm focusing on international investment banking and investor relations.
Through targeting, research and interactions, Arrowhead helps corporations and investors connect, exchange and transact.

In a fast-moving world where information can change everything, Arrowhead believes business and investment decisions should be made based on context and connectivity. Our teams are composed of best in class researchers and networkers that maintain direct lines of contact with our partners to assist them in their decision making.

The firm scans globally for quality private and public investment opportunities and evaluates these targets while putting them in perspective of global trends as defined by key opinion leaders, financiers and industry leadership reflection groups.

In an endeavor to put scalability and speed of information at the investment community’s fingertips, Arrowhead offers a full range of research, risk assessment, due diligence and valuation services on companies, assets and projects. Our teams will dialogue, support and guide you through transaction related processes and decisions.

Arrowhead’s investor network is composed of recognized Pension Funds, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, Investment Banks, Brokerages, Venture Capital Funds and Family Offices.